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Disciplinary and Grievance Process Disciplinary and Grievance Process

Disciplinary and Grievance Process


We act for businesses as well as the people who create, own and invest in them, building long term relationships with our clients to understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Our depth of experience and knowledge is focussed on providing practical advice designed to meet all our clients’ business needs.

Individuals & Families

We understand how important your case is, our experienced teams are on hand to provide practical and effective legal advice. With one of the largest teams of lawyers in North Yorkshire we work for wealthy individuals and their families, trusts and family businesses - your needs are at the heart of what we do.


Our Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Property teams have the expertise to help you deal with the opportunities and challenges of the freehold and leasehold real estate market. We have substantial depth of experience of the property world and its demands which gives us the crucial ability to help you achieve your aims.

Resolving Disputes

Disputes are an unavoidable fact of life, but when they happen it is essential to find a quick, effective and practical solution to the situation. Whether your issues are commercial or business related, family or personal, we have the depth of experience, imagination and expertise to help you solve your problems.

A huge number of employment tribunal claims succeed due to a technical breach of the disciplinary or grievance procedures, which businesses of all sizes are expected to follow.

Managing disciplinary and grievance procedures can be complex and a potential minefield for businesses. We can assist by providing you with clear and user-friendly procedures and guidance which can often ‘nip problems in the bud’.  We can also come to your business and provide line management training so that your line managers are equipped with the skills necessary to carry out the process correctly and reduce risks to a minimum.

Our experienced team of Harrogate based solicitors will guide you through the procedures which you must follow in advance of issuing disciplinary sanctions and in dealing with grievances. We ensure compliance with the ACAS Codes of Practice which employment tribunals always take into account.  We will provide you with guidance to avoid the further penalties which can arise for breach of the ACAS Code of Practice, which can include an employment tribunal awarding up to a 25% increase in compensation for failure to follow either a disciplinary or grievance process.  We can provide as much or as little ‘hand holding’ as you feel appropriate in each circumstance.  Many clients find our detailed and tailored crib sheets an invaluable tool to use at both disciplinary and grievance meetings.  Our solicitors will tailor the advice to your specific needs and situations and can help get you out of the trickiest situations.

Employment law is fast changing and we will ensure that you follow the correct process, which often deters claims from being made and, failing that, provide you with the very best defence to any employment tribunal claims if any are brought against you.

You didn’t go into business to spend your time worrying about what the correct disciplinary and grievance procedures are, or how to navigate their complexities. Let us do the hard work for you.

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