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Resolution Together: The ‘one couple – one lawyer’ approach

What is Resolution Together?

Resolution Together allows one lawyer to work with a couple jointly where they want to manage their divorce or separation together and reach an agreement.   It offers a constructive, amicable approach to explore solutions that work for the whole family in their own particular circumstances.

How does Resolution Together work?

You and your partner agree to work together with one lawyer through a series of joint meetings to discuss and resolve your situation, whether that is about your future financial relationship or arrangements for your children.  The lawyer will guide and advise you both about the issues that matter to you, to help you work towards your preferred outcome and hopefully an agreement.

You receive the same advice, at the same time, meaning you pay for one lawyer, not two.   Resolution Together can therefore help to reduce overall costs for the family.

Other professional advisers can join in the journey to provide you with information and share their expertise whenever required, for example a financial advisor, accountant or pension expert.

Who could it be suitable for?

Resolution Together can be suitable for couples who have a common aim, who want to avoid conflict and who are prepared to talk freely and work with each other to achieve that.  It relies on both of you being open and honest and willing to work together towards a solution.

When might it not be suitable?

Every couple’s situation is different and Resolution Together won’t be suitable for everyone.  We can discuss with you whether Resolution Together could be an option.  However, it is unlikely to be suitable where, for example, there has been any form of domestic abuse or both of you are not willing to be completely open about your financial position and share that information with your partner.

Even if the Resolution Together approach is not suitable for you, we can discuss the other ways in which you and your partner can work amicably together.  You can find more details here.

How to contact us

If Resolution Together is of interest to you please contact Raworths’ family law specialists Carmelita Ardren or Ellie Foster who will be happy to discuss this approach with you.