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We act for businesses as well as the people who create, own and invest in them, building long term relationships with our clients to understand the unique challenges and opportunities they face. Our depth of experience and knowledge is focussed on providing practical advice designed to meet all our clients’ business needs.

Individuals & Families

We understand how important your case is, our experienced teams are on hand to provide practical and effective legal advice. With one of the largest teams of lawyers in North Yorkshire we work for wealthy individuals and their families, trusts and family businesses - your needs are at the heart of what we do.


Our Commercial, Residential and Agricultural Property teams have the expertise to help you deal with the opportunities and challenges of the freehold and leasehold real estate market. We have substantial depth of experience of the property world and its demands which gives us the crucial ability to help you achieve your aims.

Resolving Disputes

Disputes are an unavoidable fact of life, but when they happen it is essential to find a quick, effective and practical solution to the situation. Whether your issues are commercial or business related, family or personal, we have the depth of experience, imagination and expertise to help you solve your problems.

Carmelita Ardren

Head of Family, Children and Divorce

Claire Hunter


Joanna Lofthouse

Chartered Legal Executive

Lucy Westmoreland

Trainee Chartered Legal Executive

The decision to end a relationship is rarely taken lightly.  A break-up is usually a time of great anguish, shock and often stress.  The process of bringing a relationship to an end will have a major emotional and financial impact on all family members.  Finding the right family lawyer will help you explore your options, discuss your rights and obligations and work with you towards your preferred solution.

Our family law specialists are members of Resolution and subscribe to its Code of Conduct.  Our aim is to help separating couples achieve a tailored, constructive and fair settlement, to minimise conflict and to support the welfare of any children. If others involved do not adopt the same approach however, we will take as robust an approach as is necessary to protect your interests.

The options available depend on the nature of your relationship.

Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership

We can work with you to complete the formalities necessary to end your marriage or civil partnership and to deal with other issues such as the related finances and issues relating to your children.

On 6 April 2022 the new “no-fault divorce” came into effect.  This allows couples to end their marriage or civil partnership without blaming the other.

We are also committed and experienced collaborative lawyers and can talk to you about whether this could be the right option for you and your family.

Separation and Judicial Separation

There are many personal reasons why you may not wish to divorce immediately or at all, and not only for religious reasons.  If so, we can explore with you how best to protect your position, including the option of Judicial Separation.

If you and your spouse or partner can agree financial issues directly, with our help or perhaps with the help of mediation or collaborative law then this agreement can be incorporated into a separation agreement and in certain circumstances can be approved by a court.

Cohabiting partners

Separating cohabitees face the same emotional experiences when a relationship breaks down. However, it is a myth that living together results in protection as a “common law spouse”.  Unlike married couples and civil partners, cohabitees are not given the protection of matrimonial law, particularly in relation to financial matters.  The outcome depends very heavily on individual circumstances and what was either implied or agreed between you both.  For more information see our section on cohabitation, or contact one of our family lawyers.

How to contact us

Please contact Carmelita Ardren Head of Family on 01423 566666 or use this link to complete our online enquiry form and a member of our family law team will get back to you.

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