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How mediation can help resolve a dispute How mediation can help resolve a dispute

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Mar 18

How mediation can help resolve a dispute

When dealing with complex rural based disputes, whether of a property, family or commercial nature, the question of whether the case should be mediated is an important consideration that should...


Oct 17

Raworths Receive Recognition in Legal 500 Guide

Raworths, has enhanced its reputation for excellence following its recommendation in seven areas of law by the Legal 500 Guide, published this week. Being quoted as ‘inspiring confidence’, ‘extremely knowledgeable’...


Sep 16

Raworths ranked in eight areas of Law

The latest edition of Legal 500, a well-respected national guide to law firms, has just been released and Raworths Solicitors are delighted to have been recommended in eight areas of...


Aug 16

Judgment day, make them pay

Recovering debts quickly, efficiently and in the most time effective way is essential for you and your business. In these uncertain times debts can quickly mount up, get out of...


Dec 15

Parking Fine Judgment Opens Door for Penalty Clause Changes

The Supreme Court in the recent case of ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis has significantly departed from the previously well-established law relating to contractual penalty clauses. A penalty clause is a...


Nov 15

The Top 10 Most Common Disputes Relating to Wills

Jonathan Mortimer, Head of Dispute Resolution at Raworths, has listed the most frequently seen disputes relating to wills and the administration of estates based upon his experience in the field....


Aug 15

Collaborative Divorce – Like Finding Hens’ Teeth?

Separation or divorce is nearly always distressing, challenging and, invariably, sad.  The resulting change, emotion, financial realities and the needs of children often mean that rational thought and common sense...


Jul 15

The end of ‘Revenge Evictions’ – is it going to be harder to evict a residential tenant?

Although the UK’s private residential rental market is relatively unregulated compared with other major European countries, all too often it can seem that the tenant holds the trump cards given...


Jun 15

Can I Contest a Relative’s Will Successfully

I frequently meet individuals following a death in the family who wish to contest a relative’s will.  They usually feel extremely aggrieved by the provision or lack of it which...


May 15

When to pop the alternative question?

When to pop the question "Will you marry me?" weighs heavily on the minds of many fiancés-to-be but the timing of the request to dissolve any marriage or civil partnership...


Apr 15

Farming Divorces – Five Things Worth Knowing

All farmers know that life is stressful and that there is rarely enough time or money to achieve all you want.  Add that to the everyday stresses of married life...


Feb 15

Spousal Maintenance – Till death do us part – or is it?

The thorny issue of Spousal Maintenance often provokes heated debate during financial proceedings on divorce. However it isn’t only a concern for headline-grabbing celebrities and multi-millionaires, it is a reality...


Dec 14

Farming partnership disputes – Why are they so common?

Of all of the types of business ownership disputes which I come across, ones relating to farms are usually the hardest to resolve. Sometimes the basis of the dispute can...


Dec 14

Happy New Year? The Dos and Donts of D(ivorce)-Day

The New Year brings with it a fresh start – a clean slate.  Often this is an opportunity to tackle an unhappy marriage. For those people, Christmas is a period...


Oct 14

Divorce and Family Pets

Unfortunately when relationships break down, both for married and non-married couples, this leads to a division of the parties’ jointly-owned assets and a restructuring of the time that any children...


Sep 14

Partner promotion for Raworths’ senior associate

Senior Associate, Matthew Hill, at the Harrogate law firm Raworths, has been promoted to Partner in recognition of his contribution to the firm, his ability, experience, reputation within Dispute Resolution and...


Aug 14

The Good Divorce – Rare as Hen’s Teeth?

Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Or is this as much a myth as ‘hen’s teeth’? Some couples realise that the relationship isn’t working and they are...


Jul 14

Yorkshire Couple Win Judgement Against UKIP Bloom’s Company

A North Yorkshire couple are celebrating a multi-million pound judgment awarded against a York financial advisor for negligent advice. In the High Court last week Mr Andrew Mohun-Smith and Mrs...


Jun 14

The Living Together Labyrinth

The last thing on your mind when you start living together is what will happen if you separate. It may not be romantic but it is vital that you understand...


May 14

Commercial Rent Arrears – All Change

On 6 April 2014 landlords of commercial premises lost one of the most important and flexible weapons in their armoury. Prior to this change, the common law remedy of distress...


Mar 14

The Cohabitation Conundrum

It may not be romantic but it is vital that you know your legal rights when you start living with another person.  The number of unmarried couples living together has...


Feb 14

Not-so-Small Claims in the Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court has previously been a venue for claims of £5,000 or less to be resolved quicker, at less cost and more informally for Claimants. As a result...


Feb 14

Economic Recovery a Key Theme at Business Event

Will Holman, who represents the Bank of England in Yorkshire and the Humber was the keynote speaker at the latest Raworths Breakfast Club held recently at Bettys Imperial Rooms. His...


Jan 14

Farewell to CSA

A Gradual Farewell to the Child Support Agency Most people are only too aware of the problems encountered by the Child Support Agency (CSA). In an attempt to redress this,...


Jan 14

Divorce and the Family Farm

Splitting up the Farm - how Divorce can impact on Farm Viability According to the Office of National Statistics, 42% of all marriages end in divorce.  Farmers are certainly not...


Jun 13

Mock Trial Takes Centre Stage

Leading Harrogate law firm, Raworths, is taking to the stage and putting on a mock trial at Harrogate Theatre on 25th June 2013 to demystify the Court process for businesses....


Jun 12

Dispute Resolution Lawyer Leads Action Group In Spread-Betting Case

Jonathan Mortimer, Head of Dispute Resolution at Raworths Solicitors in Harrogate, has been instructed by the WorldSpreads Action Group to pursue claims for investors against the company which has now...


Nov 11

Divorce Doesnt Have to be Hell

Few families are untouched by divorce or separation and almost everyone has a horror story to tell about a ‘divorce from hell’.   All the ingredients for trouble can be present...


Sep 11

Head of Dispute Resolution experiences life as a bailiff

Jonathan Mortimer, Head of Dispute Resolution at Raworths, teamed up with Andrew Wilson & Co, a High Court Enforcement Office, to try life as a bailiff collecting debts – for...


Aug 11

Can the wishes in my will be challenged?

I frequently meet people who are worried that their will can be overturned once they have died.  They are concerned that their will only contains their wishes or suggestions and...


Aug 11

Early Contract Cancellation – a means of cutting costs?

In the present economic climate, it is frequently the case that businesses review their contractual commitments for costs savings. Perhaps an agreement entered into some time ago has become unprofitable...


Jul 11

Cattle v Ramblers – a Farmer’s Obligation

Farmers need to be aware of the potential liability which comes with grazing livestock, and, in particular, cattle on fields accessible to the public. It is not uncommon for walkers,...


Jun 11

Bats Served With Notice to Quit

An owner of a house situated on the original film set of Emmerdale Farm plagued with bats will finally get his house back later this summer. Jonathan Mortimer, a partner...


May 11

Bat misery for Harrogate Solicitor

A well-known Harrogate solicitor has spoken out at the misery of living with bats and the need for the conservation laws which protect bats to be reviewed. Jonathan Mortimer is...


Mar 11

Does Justice Have to be so Expensive?

There are few businesses that avoid becoming involved in a legal action at some stage during the lifetime of their trading activity. Their experience of lawyers and justice is often...


Sep 10

Harrogate’s Courts – Safe for Now?

Given the billions of pounds which need to be cut from central government spending, it is unsurprising that the Ministry of Justice’s budget faces major cuts.  The recent figure of...


Apr 10

Will the Will Stand?

Perhaps because of the economic climate, we have recently seen an increasing number of people arguing about wills. Generally people think that the terms of a will are final, but...


Jul 08

Just Light the Blue Touch Paper!

As a young lawyer, many years ago, I was told that “all you require is a family and something indivisible worth money and you have a row on your hands”...