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Who gets to keep the ring? Who gets to keep the ring?

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Dec 18

Who gets to keep the ring?

With the festive season being the most popular time for proposals, Jo Lofthouse considers what happens to the ring if things fall through. As has been widely reported on social...


Nov 18

Minimising the impact of conflict on children

Good Divorce Week (26-30 November 2018) aims to provide practical help, highlighting ways for separating parents to put their children’s needs first, as well as calling on the government to...


Nov 18

Universal Credit – what separating spouses need to know

As the controversy around universal credit continues, Jo Lofthouse looks at the contentious policy and explains what divorcing couples need to be aware of. Universal credit is the benefit payment that was introduced in 2012 with a phased roll out. It was introduced in Harrogate...


Oct 18

The End of the Blame Game?

Could a new consultation be the beginning of the end for fault based divorces? For many, the recent news that the Ministry of Justice has announced that they will consult...


Jul 18

Myth-busting Child Maintenance

When two people with children make the decision to separate, they are entering unknown territory. Child maintenance is one area that can cause a tremendous amount of confusion and parents...


Jun 18

Online divorce – a new digital era

This month a new online divorce system is being rolled out across England and Wales. Following a testing phase last year, online divorce is now an option for many people...


Aug 15

Collaborative Divorce – Like Finding Hens’ Teeth?

Separation or divorce is nearly always distressing, challenging and, invariably, sad.  The resulting change, emotion, financial realities and the needs of children often mean that rational thought and common sense...


Apr 15

Farming Divorces – Five Things Worth Knowing

All farmers know that life is stressful and that there is rarely enough time or money to achieve all you want.  Add that to the everyday stresses of married life...


Oct 14

Divorce and Family Pets

Unfortunately when relationships break down, both for married and non-married couples, this leads to a division of the parties’ jointly-owned assets and a restructuring of the time that any children...


Aug 14

The Good Divorce – Rare as Hen’s Teeth?

Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Or is this as much a myth as ‘hen’s teeth’? Some couples realise that the relationship isn’t working and they are...


Jun 14

The Living Together Labyrinth

The last thing on your mind when you start living together is what will happen if you separate. It may not be romantic but it is vital that you understand...


Mar 14

The Cohabitation Conundrum

It may not be romantic but it is vital that you know your legal rights when you start living with another person.  The number of unmarried couples living together has...


Jan 14

Farewell to CSA

A Gradual Farewell to the Child Support Agency Most people are only too aware of the problems encountered by the Child Support Agency (CSA). In an attempt to redress this,...


Jan 14

Divorce and the Family Farm

Splitting up the Farm - how Divorce can impact on Farm Viability According to the Office of National Statistics, 42% of all marriages end in divorce.  Farmers are certainly not...


Apr 13

How do you protect your business and your family when you die?

Are you a shareholder or director in a small or medium-sized company with two or more shareholders or directors?  Do you know what will happen to your shares in the...


Mar 13

Family Lawyers take Professional Roles

Two members of the Family Law team at Raworths, Harrogate’s leading law firm, have been elected to senior positions within their professional bodies. Sarah Minors has been elected Vice President...


Sep 12

Bumper Round of Family Law Accreditations

It has been a bumper round of accolades for Raworths, the Harrogate solicitors.  Solicitor Sarah Minors has been accredited as member of the Law Society’s specialist Family Law Panel while...


Jan 12

What is a Stepfamily?

Thinking back, even to my parents’ generation, the concept of a family has changed quite significantly. The last 50 years have seen massive changes in the way that we manage...


Nov 11

Divorce Doesnt Have to be Hell

Few families are untouched by divorce or separation and almost everyone has a horror story to tell about a ‘divorce from hell’.   All the ingredients for trouble can be present...


Oct 11

Parting Company: Businesses and Divorce

A divorce can be incredibly difficult to deal with whatever your circumstances, and those that involve business assets can be even more so. Whether the business asset involves just one...


May 11

Grandparents – Do They Have Rights?

An old Chinese proverb states that “The elders are the precious gem in the centre of the household”. Is this still relevant in most modern households where generations of families...


Aug 10

Landmark Divorce Ruling – A ‘Cheats Charter’

Shockwaves have resounded throughout the legal profession at a recent Court of Appeal judgement which has astonished family lawyers – and believe me, divorce lawyers take some surprising! The Court...


Apr 10

Will the Will Stand?

Perhaps because of the economic climate, we have recently seen an increasing number of people arguing about wills. Generally people think that the terms of a will are final, but...


Feb 10

A Recipe for Trouble

Take a well-known chef and restaurateur, one divorce and a hearty measure of acrimony and the result is a recipe for trouble.  Divorce proceedings can, at the best of times,...


May 09

Can Divorce Settlements Vary with the Economy?

Headline-grabbing, high value divorce settlements were very much a bi-product of the times when the British economy appeared to be on the rise. Now that the country is experiencing a...


Feb 09

Divorce with a Horse?

As the ‘divorce season’ is now upon us in the post-Christmas fall-out, Family Law solicitor Carmelita Ardren has an update on how divorce can change things in the stable yard...