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The Inheritance (warning, may contain spoilers) The Inheritance (warning, may contain spoilers)

Wills Trusts and Probate Disputes

Oct 23

The Inheritance (warning, may contain spoilers)

When you think of depictions of law on TV you might probably think of a gritty court room drama, however Channel 5 recently brought us "The Inheritance" dealing with death...


Nov 22

How easy is it to challenge a will based upon lack of mental capacity?

Following the death of a loved one, additional upset can be caused by a challenge to the validity of the will by a disappointed beneficiary on the basis that the...


Mar 22

“I’ve been left a gift in a Will – but I don’t want it”

It might not be often you hear those words but that’s exactly what Rhona said on Emmerdale on Monday (28 February). Upon hearing that her abusive deceased ex-husband Pierce had...


Dec 21

Can I find out why I have been disinherited?

When a good friend, relative or loved one passes away, it is not uncommon for many to contemplate what decisions the Deceased may have made as to the ultimate destination...


Aug 21

The Top 10 Most Seen Disputes Relating to Wills

Jonathan Mortimer, Consultant Partner at Raworths, lists the most frequently seen disputes relating to wills and the administration of estates based upon his experience in the field. The top 10...