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Capital gains tax treatment of assets on divorce Capital gains tax treatment of assets on divorce

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Feb 23

Capital gains tax treatment of assets on divorce

Ellie Foster is a Legal Director in the Family team at Raworths.  In this article Ellie looks at the draft legislation recently published by the government relating to proposed changes...


Aug 21

Bailment: landlords and leftover property

Outgoing tenants often leave property behind at the end of their tenancy and this can create several considerations for landlords: do they have to store these items, and if so...


Nov 20

Unmarried couples who are separating – what happens to your property?

When deciding to live together, understandably many unmarried couples do not think about what would happen with their property if their relationship came to an end. However, when relationships do...


Oct 20

Selling your home? Make sure you’re ready!

The stamp duty holiday has led to a surge in activity for the housing market in the last few months. Whilst this activity has been welcomed in the aftermath of...


Feb 20

Are you buying, selling or leasing a commercial property? Get the ‘Heads of Terms’ right!

If you’re involved in a commercial property transaction then it’s advisable to have proper Heads of Terms (HOTS) in place from the outset. These documents are important in that they...


Apr 19

Looking to Buy? Make sure you’re ready…

Buying a house or flat can be a daunting prospect, especially if you are a first-time buyer. As with many things, preparation can make the process much smoother. The tips...


Feb 19

Looking to Sell? Make sure you’re ready…

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, making sure that both the house and the associated paperwork are in good order, can go a long way...