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Michael Sheldon

Contact Details

DDI: 01423 724619
M: 07977 983328
E: mike.sheldon@raworths.co.uk


Born: near Ilkley Moor
Education: Bradford Grammar School and Durham University
Previous roles:  Dunn Connell and Kirbys Solicitors of Harrogate
Joined Raworths: 2001

Member of the Property Section of the Law Society

Conveyancing quality

Mike deals with all aspects of the sale and purchase of residential property whether freehold or leasehold.

Examples of matters which Mike has advised upon include:

  • Purchase and sale of high value residential properties
  • Sale of shooting estates
  • Division and ultimate sale of large properties into small units
  • Division and ultimate sale of farms into lots and barn conversions
  • Purchase of woodlands, forests and other agricultural matters.
What makes the service provided by your team stand out?

We have an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced solicitors who provide a quality service to rival any in the locality.

What is the most unusual transaction you have been involved with?

I recall purchasing a house for a client in Knaresborough which was centuries old and which had never been out of the ownership of the family.  For reasons which are unclear, a rumour started in the town that the property was being bought by Daniel Craig (James Bond) and numerous members of the press and local people were camped outside the property attempting to get a glimpse of the actor.  I would love to say that I was acting for James Bond but that was not the case and it still remains a mystery as to how the rumour got hold.

How has the conveyancing procedure changed since you began your career?

I have to say that the basic principles of checking title and rights and responsibilities which go with the ownership of land have stayed just about the same.  However, the number of checks which have to be made have increased over the years.  The only matter which has made the task somewhat easier is the increasing use of IT.

What changes do you think we will see in the future?

I anticipate a continued growth in the use of IT.  Further, an increased use in indemnity insurance to deal with gaps in title.

Do you believe that stamp duty will always have to be paid as it seems like a tax for not very much?

Love it or hate it, Stamp Duty is a tax simply for signing a deed to buy a property.  It is very easy to collect and I cannot see the Government ever doing away with it.  I find it somewhat ironic that the tax was originally brought in as a temporary measure to finance the Napoleonic Wars but has stayed with us ever since.

Do you believe that there is sufficient help available to enable first time buyers to get on the property ladder?

The Government has brought in some measures to assist first time buyers but many still struggle.  I fear that with a continued shortage of affordable housing the problem will remain for many years,

What do you do in your spare time away from the office?

Spending time with my family, hiking and being part of a lively Church community.