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Karen helps SMEs deal with the single most problematic aspect of business life – managing people. She has a view that people are the business. They can make it or break it.

Karen strongly believes that investment in employees through management development, 360° feedback and coaching provide significant returns on the investment.  Karen is capable of measuring the day-to-day service and productivity of individuals, devising a programme of change, implementing change and then demonstrating the increase in day-to-day service and productivity , while keeping a firm eye on the bottom line benefits.

Karen can devise HR strategy relevant to your business, developing it in conjunction with the business planning, business strategy, directing and focusing the activities of HR.

Employee development – defining key roles, competences, people, assessing talent, coaching and mentoring plans, succession planning and career planning.

Karen, in conjunction with other members in the employment team,  can provide training and development, presentations or in-house training on HR for the non-HR manager. We can also provide any number of workshops or sessions to help inform, advise on any aspect of HR and employment law.