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Ervin ShakajTrainee Chartered Legal Executive

Ervin Shakaj

Contact Details

DDI: 01423 724623
E: ervin.shakaj@raworths.co.uk


Born: Albania
Educated: Quintin Kynaston College and Leeds Metropolitan University
Joined Raworths: November 2007

Lead Contact for Debt Recovery work
Affiliate of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
Committee Member of Future Harrogate
Administrator of Harrogate & District Law Society

Having worked with Raworths since we formed the business they’ve been excellent advisors at every stage. In a recent legal process using Ervin Shakaj I was delighted with both the level of attention and expertise applied but also the manner in which he broke down a complicated legal process to make it easily understandable. He understood the enormity of the task and handled the entire process with exceptional attention to detail, ultimately leading to the outcome we had hoped for.

Simon Bollon - We Are Boutique Ltd

Ervin is a member of the Dispute Resolution Unit and particular areas of expertise include:

Debt Recovery, Property Disputes, Commercial Disputes and also acting as an agent to other firms of solicitors. Ervin is presently studying to become a fully qualified Chartered Legal Executive at CILEX Law School.

Of Debt Recovery:

Representing a wide range of clients to recover debts in the County Court and the High Court.

Enforcement proceedings including Charging Orders, Order to Obtain Information from Judgment Debtors, Third Party Debt Orders, Attachment of Earnings, High Court Enforcements and liaising with High Court Enforcement Officers on site visits.

Issuing Statutory Demands and the issue of Insolvency Proceedings to recover monies due.

Enforcing provisions of Share Purchase Agreements following non compliance of the terms.

Acting for:

  • A substantial company in recovering monies owed within and outside of the jurisdiction, including debts in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Austria, USA and French Guiana.
  • Learning institutions in respect of disputes as to payment of fees and other contractual issues
  • Accountancy firms in the recovery of monies due for professional services.
  • Recruitment consultancy businesses in recovering monies due.
  • Insolvency Practitioners (including Liquidators) in recovering monies due from the debtors.
  • Specialist medical report businesses in respect of debts owed by solicitors.

Of Property Disputes:

Acting for:

  • A number of management companies in resolving disputes with tenants.
  • Private landlords in preparing and serving Section 8 and Section 21 notices.
  • Private landlords in issuing proceedings in the County Court to recover possession of properties and outstanding rent.
  • Sellers of property in disputes regarding retention clauses for monies held for work to be carried out on residential property.
  • Landowners in respect of enforcement of easements and subsequently negotiating settlement.
  • A range of institutional landlords in respect of unpaid rent.
  • A residential leasehold owner in respect of a dispute with the landlord following damage caused to the property by the landlord.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies in respect of damages payable.
  • A number of residential property owners in respect of building disputes and the quality of the services provided.
  • A substantial landlord and landowner in recovering possession of properties and land.

Of General Commercial Disputes:

 Acting for:

  • A regional jewelry company in respect of contractual disputes.
  • Company Director(s) being sued in a personal capacity in respect of monies owed by the company.
  • A mortgage broker company in respect of claw back bonuses owed to the company by individual financial advisers.
  • A national delivery company in respect of a dispute with an invoice factoring company.
  • A plumbing and heating engineering company in a contractual dispute with a sole trader purporting to be a limited company.
  • A software company in respect of a contractual dispute and the services provided.
  • An Eco Friendly Boiler Installation company in respect of a dispute following the installation of a heating system.
  • A number of private schools in respect of contractual disputes including non payment of fees.
  • A number of recruitment consultancy businesses in disputes regarding services and charges.
  • A company in responding to a Statutory Demand and subsequently agreeing a settlement.
Where do you find clients can go wrong with their credit control?

Many clients have good procedures in place which avoid bad debts.  However, problems can still arise in circumstances where insufficient checks have been made by the client  on the customer before dealing with them, allowing customers too much credit and also not incorporating their terms and conditions in the trading agreement which would have put them in the driving seat.

Do you believe in giving debtors more time to pay?

This must depend on the individual case.  However, we operate in a business world in which those creditors which chase the hardest get paid the soonest.  I have seen too many circumstances in which clients have provided more time to debtors only to find that the business ultimately fails and they may have obtained at least some payment if they had taken a more aggressive stance.

What is the most frequent excuse you hear for non payment?

It is still the classic “cheque in the post”.

Does the Court system have sufficient teeth to get judgement paid?

I recognise that many businesses have experience of obtaining a judgement but not getting paid.  I do believe that the Court does have at its disposal numerous methods of enforcement that have a good prospect of getting money out of the debtor if there is money to be had.  For example, instructing a Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer, Third Party Debt Orders, Charging Orders on property, an Attachment of Earnings Order and the ultimate sanction of bankruptcy or winding-up.  The key consideration is to assess the chances of being paid before embarking on litigation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I get a sense of satisfaction from recovering debts which appear difficult and where the client has almost given up hope of a recovery.  I also enjoy Court hearings.

What else do you do at Raworths?

In addition to the client matters I deal with, I also assist internally with a number of compliance and accounting matters for Raworths.

What do you do outside the office?

I am a frequent runner, play the guitar and like travelling.

“Ervin Shakaj has given us excellent advice. He is very thorough in his approach, ensuring a full understanding of our position and always explains the legal process with reassuring clarity. As a result, we have every confidence in seeking his guidance to help us make the correct decisions. One of the many strengths of Raworths is the wide range of specialists who are able to draw on each other’s expertise to give the best possible advice.  I have no hesitation in my recommendation.”

Anthony Comerford, Principal – Brackenfield School Harrogate


“We recently worked with Ervin Shakaj at Raworths with regard to a historic debt which they were asked to pursue on our behalf.  I found the support we were given was excellent.  We had an initial call to understand the circumstances of the case and to agree information requirements from ourselves and from that point they progressed in an efficient manner, keeping us up to date with progress made and only asking for additional opinion from ourselves as and when the case required.  The outcome was successful and the service provided was efficient and timely.”

Martin Brook, Group Finance Director & Company Secretary – Welcom Digital


“I wish to thank Ervin for the efficiency in dealing with this matter for us, great work.  We are very impressed with the service.”

Mr Chris Melrose – HEX (Harrogate Exhibition Services) Ltd


“Ervin got to know us and we developed a good relationship. He communicated regularly and always tried to work around us and the business needs. Ervin was very professional and nice to deal with. “