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It shouldn’t take a pandemic to make you think about your Will It shouldn’t take a pandemic to make you think about your Will

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Jul 20

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to make you think about your Will

Written by Katie Watts

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Katie Watts explains why everyone should have this important document in place.

The current coronavirus pandemic and enforced lockdown have given some people the time to think about putting their affairs in order. It has also brought the inevitability of mortality to the forefront of people’s minds and made them consider how they want to provide for their loved ones after death. This has led to an increase in people contacting solicitors to make or update their Wills.

We have continued to work throughout lockdown, although from home rather than in the office, and have been taking Will instructions over the phone, by email and at virtual meetings. We have also had to come up with creative ways to sign Wills, whilst maintaining social distancing, such as through car or house windows or over garden fences!

Planning for the future and more specifically what happens after your death can be difficult to think about however, it is important to prepare a Will and consider whether any other planning for the future should be done. This is likely to save your loved ones a lot of heartache and gives you the reassurance that you have put the right plans in place. Having an outdated Will or no Will at all, could mean that people benefit from your estate who you would not have chosen to and others may miss out.

However making a Will should not be a matter which you only think about during a pandemic! Family, financial and business situations change, so putting this important document in place, or updating a Will you already have, should be a matter you regularly consider.

Talking about what happens on your death can feel daunting. However, we are here to guide you through the process, providing the legal support to best suit your particular needs and circumstances. By preparing a Will now, you can have peace of mind that clear instructions are left for your loved ones to help them at a difficult time.

Written by Katie Watts from our Trusts, Wills & Estates team.

Published on 3 July 2020

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