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‘Handbags and Gladrags’ or your family’s future? ‘Handbags and Gladrags’ or your family’s future?

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Dec 12

‘Handbags and Gladrags’ or your family’s future?

The sales of designer shoes and handbags in the run-up to Christmas appear not to have  suffered over recent years and it seems that the economic climate has not distracted the fashion-conscious from the overwhelming temptation of the new Lulu Guinness tote or Burberry trenchcoat. And with some shops even advertising sales, why not take advantage and treat ourselves?

Millions of women are seduced by the lure of shoes and handbags – some of us are just hardwired to love designer accessories.  They are items of sheer luxury and beauty and a joy to own, but are not items of necessity.  And that is probably why we love them – they are a treat.

Some people think that planning for the future is not an immediate necessity either.  It is the kind of thing that people put on the back-burner.  It is quite common for people to think that making a Will can wait.  There are often other things that take priority in day-to-day life.  But sadly, this means that some people don’t get around to it at all.  Unexpected events can catch us unaware.  It can happen to the best of us and sadly, solicitors see these situations all too often.

Surprisingly over 70% of people in Great Britain do not have a Will.  When they die, their estate will pass under the rules of intestacy, creating chaos for their immediate family.  A quarter of those people over 55 without a will think that “the money will go to my family anyway”, according to a recent poll for the charity, Barnardo’s. But your money might not pass to your family the way you want it to. Take, for instance, the case of actress Taryn Dielle, whose situation made headline news a few years ago.  Her millionaire husband failed to make a valid Will, which meant that she only received £125,000 of his £2,250,000 estate and an income from part of it.  The rest went directly to their young children.  Taryn Dielle was forced to sue her own toddlers to allow her to continue to live in their home in Notting Hill and protect the children’s upbringing.

So, next time your eye is caught by the new Mulberry handbag or those Christian Louboutin wedges, just take a moment and check that your affairs are in order before you put your hand in your purse.  Have you protected your family’s future?  Although a new Will won’t give you the glitz of the new diamante Jimmy Choos, it will have been drafted especially for you.  It will give you the satisfaction that your affairs are in order, so you can buy the next pair of shoes with complete peace of mind.  And remember – the legacies you leave for your family will last far longer than your shoes.

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